Getafix Cycles £70 Heavy Service

Do you need a bicycle service or a full tune-up?

How it works

To begin with, we ask you a few brief questions about your bicycle and its condition when you book your service, which will enable us to bring along the spares you may need..
Then we always cycle to you, we never use motors.

On arrival, we check your cycle over on the spot and give you a ‘no obligation’ quote before proceeding with your service.

Occasionally extra parts may be required; in this case we return with them at no extra cost to complete the job.

You pay £70 on completion if satisfied and you will then be given a month’s guarantee.

Getafix Cycles Heavy Service £70


* Includes all parts of the Getafix Light Service plus:

– True wheels and check for broken spokes

– Remove jockey wheels from rear mech, clean & regrease

– Inspect bottom bracket and adjust

– Inspect pedals and tighten

– Inspect wheel hubs, adjust, replace and regrease bearings if necessary

– Inspect headset and readjust

– Inspect brake pads and adjust positioning

– Remove and check brake inner and outer cables and replace if necessary

– Remove and check gear inner and outer cables and replace if necessary

– Check for chain wear

– Check cassette/freewheel and chainset for wear

– Check derailleur hanger and straighten as required

– Replace any unserviceable parts from the above list with new parts

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or 01273 253393

The only bike service which is truly green in this environmentally conscious city of ours –
all our repair products are bio degradable, parts are recycled where possible and we always arrive by bicycle.

Cycle repairs are carried out by experienced bicycle mechanics, we don’t use volunteers or inexperienced bike mechanics. All services are guaranteed for two weeks and there is no extra charge for second visits if that should on very rare occasions prove necessary.

Bike services are charged on a time basis so bespoke repairs are possible and thus fairly priced depending upon time taken, our extra experience means quick mechanical works!